Just how stupid is Darius Miles?  The onetime Portland Trail Blazer, a 6'9" small forward with extraordinary athletic skill and seeming unlimited potential, has demonstrated once again that in the IQ department, he's a playgound-lot baller.

Yesterday, Miles was busted for allegedly trying to bring a loaded gun through security at the St. Louis airport.

Miles was a first-team NBA All-Rookie in 2001, a first for a player who had gone directly from high school to the pros. Yet his career never materialized and his three years with the Blazers were marked by injuries, drug infractions and an unwillingness to get along with then coach Maurice Cheeks.  Miles ended his career in 2009 with the Memphis Grizzlies. 

As dumb as Miles' (alleged) gun play may be, he joins a long list of pro athletes who have been caught in the wrong place with guns, including Gilbert Arenas and Allen Iverson and, most famously, NFL wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who taught his thigh a lesson with his handgun.