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Cyborg Camp: Actual Sort Of Cyborg Stuff For Us All

Cyborg Camp Portland 2010
David Molnar can read emails in his glasses. When a new note pops in his inbox, a voice speaks the subject line in his ear. He also has these other glasses that have a little camera in the middle that records, digitally, everything you see.

This past weekend's Cyborg Camp Portland 2010 event, held in Webtrends' spacious offices in downtown Portland, featured a lot of technology intended to improve the way people and computers interact—or, more specifically, the way computers can help people do more, faster, better. But when most folks hear "cyborg," they think of real, physical augmentation. They expect laser eyes. They expect the Borg.

Molnar, who works for Microsoft Research, gave his presentation at the conference in rigs that walked a line between 1980s retro-future kitch and, perhaps, a sample of what we all might be sporting over the next 10 years or so. Wearable computers have been around for some time, of course, but Molnar rolled up rocking some of the latest gear for those whose perpetual connection to their smartphones and laptops is just too...distant.
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