Portland-based hip-hop group TxE (pronounced “T and E”)—a trio made up of Living Proof MC Tope, Epp and up-and-coming producer G_Force (also known as Calvin Valentine)—is about to release its official debut album, We Get It In True. Today, FRSH SLCTS released a “day in the life of” video to promote it. In the 6-minute clip, we get to see the three bandmates make fun of a really sun burnt guy in his underwear, head uptown to get some delicious teriyaki at Phil’s Meat Market (sweet chili sauce all day, baby) and lay a heavy clanger of a track down in their basement studio—you know, just another day in the lives of some Portland rappers. 

Although the album doesn’t yet have an official release date, FRSH SLCTS promises it’ll be out soon. In the meantime, you can download the group’s solid (and free) Rain In Cali tour EP and catch them opening for MFNW headliner Macklemore tomorrow night at the Roseland.

Here's the vid: