Forget beer carts, Portland now has a cocktail cart. With actual booze.

To promote the second annual Portland Cocktail Week—a four-day festival of liquor-centered events, seminars and competitions coinciding with the Great American Distillers Festival, running Oct. 20-23—the Oregon Bartenders Guild is operating a cocktail cart, dubbed “the Hospitality Suite,” at the Cartopia pod at Southeast 12th and Hawthorne. Bartenders from the Guild will be serving up drinks like punch, boilermakers, gin and tonics and even Jell-O shots every Friday and Saturday night 6 pm-midnight from now through Oct. 23.

Yes, you can enjoy some of Portland's best drunk food—Whiffies, Potato Champion, Pyro Pizza—while actually getting drunk.
We have no idea how they got this approved by the OLCC, and frankly, we don’t care.