Name: Kathrine King---

Ages: 24

Occupations: Unemployed

Tenure at Occupy Portland: Kathrine has been at the camp with her husband, Kevin, 53, since Oct. 9. They plan to stay "as long as it stays peaceful and safe."

Otherwise live in: Northeast Portland

Why they're Occupying Portland: The Kings say they are fed up. Kevin is on disability. He left his job as a truck driver when he started having complications with his diabetes, but paying for insulin has become nearly impossible. "We've spent all of our savings," says Kathrine.

Kathrine says she's been looking for work ever since she was laid off from her job as an activities director at a local nursing home a year and a half ago. She's tired of job hunting and tired of the political system. "There's no point in voting," she says. "Your voice doesn't matter."