Name: Jim Ferguson---

Age: 62

Occupation: Retired physician

Tenure at Occupy Portland: Ferguson says he started volunteering at Occupy Portland Oct. 10 because he "got tired of yelling at the TV."

Otherwise he lives in: Northwest Portland

Favorite political thinker: Che Guevara — his ideas, not his techniques

His contribution to the camp: Ferguson is the only physician working the medical tent in Lownsdale Square's core group of about 25 volunteers, including EMTs and first responders. Ferguson says he's primarily been treating sprains, strains, cuts and a lot of foot damage brought on by the cold, wet conditions. "Wounds are nearly impossible to clean here, but we do what we can," he says.

"As a medic in Vietnam, I worked with primitive conditions like these — no power or running water — so I thought with my experience there I could bring something here." He says the medic station survives on donated first-aid supplies but is in need of more.

Why he’s Occupying Portland: