Name: David Mixcoatl---

Age: 27

Occupation: Political science and pre-med major at Mt. Hood Community College

Tenure at Occupy Portland: He says he's been camping since Oct. 7 and plans to stay on and off "until we win."

Otherwise lives in: Southeast Portland. He moved to the U.S. from Mexico City when he was 8.

The political thinker he identifies with: Mixcoatl says there's no political system in place in the world that works and that at Occupy Portland, "we are working on a new political system."

What he's protesting against: "Capitalism, it's not working for the people and it's destroying the planet."

How has capitalism affected him? "Just look around. When I'm driving I pass by small businesses closing everywhere. I see it in my school — there is no more money for education. You see it in the media — so many wars. That money should be invested in the American people. It's not fair to use taxpayers' money to kill someone else."

His experience at Occupy Portland: "It's helped me meet amazing people from all over — from New York, California, and east and west Oregon. I've seen single mothers camping here with their babies. I feel it in the air: the heart of everyone fighting for the same cause — for change."