Name: Francisco---

Age: 11

Occupation: Sixth grader

Tenure at Occupy Portland: Saturday was his second day as a daytime Occupier

Otherwise lives in: Outer Northeast Portland

Why he's Occupying Portland: Francisco wants to be a doctor when he grows up, and he's concerned about his education. He says he's at Occupy Portland because "there are school budget cuts every year…Instead of people spending money on wars they should spend it on schools and people with special needs."

His experience with politics: "My fifth-grade teacher took us on a field trip to see Governor Kitzhaber and we asked him questions." He asked the governor why he's spending money on war instead of on schools. "He said it was a different type of government that handles that, and that he'll work on it."

His experience at Occupy Portland: He says he's enjoyed planting trees with his dad.

When he's not Occupying Portland: Francisco likes to practice the clarinet, watch "Glee" and play video games.