Name: Ty Campbell

Age: 19

Occupation: He fished in Alaska on a salmon boat last summer

Tenure at Occupy Portland: Began camping at Occupy Portland Oct. 19 after marching with Occupy Seattle

Otherwise he is: Traveling. Campbell moved out of the house he shared with other University of Washington students in Seattle's U district, packed his belongings into storage and began to ride his bike south toward California. He'll be staying at Occupy Portland indefinitely.

His contribution to the camp: Campbell has volunteered in the kitchen as a server, cook and dishwasher, and now he's volunteering his time at the Food Not Bombs tent.

He says he also enjoys making signs and taking them to the street. "Every honk makes me stronger."

Why he dropped out of college: "I became disillusioned with the educational system. Students were there merely because their parents can pay for it. They had no passion and no drive. I saw it had a trend toward being a tool for capitalism."

"It's getting sadder because tuition is going up and it's the richer and richer that are able to afford it."

Why he's Occupying Portland: Campbell says his time as an exchange student in Ecuador contributed to his belief in the Occupy movement. "It was very enlightening seeing people affected by our purchases."