In August, we brought news that the former Artemis cafe space on Southeast 12th and Division (across the road from Los Gorditos and Apex) was becoming a "sandwich shop" called Double Dragon. Today, a press release from the Double Dragon camp finally dishes up more info:

The cafe will offer a menu of six types of banh mi—Vietnamese baguette sandwiches, for those who've been living under a rock in Arby's for the past decade—and is the work of Rob Walls, who, according to his press release, has formerly cooked at Bunk Sandwiches and Beast here in Portland, and Momofuku, Lupa, Tia Pol and Txikito in New York.

The combination of Bunk and Momofuku on his resume makes us quietly optimistic about this project. Plus, Walls has told WW that Double Dragon will be baking its own bread in-house daily.

In addition to the sandwiches, there will be "two beers on draught, a small selection of canned or bottled beer and soda, a cocktail, and a house-made iced tea." Hours will be 11 am-9 pm Sunday-Thursday and "a bit later" Friday and Saturday. He is aiming to open the doors in late November.

Sadly, Walls confirmed our earlier suspicions that there will be no actual Double Dragon available to play at the eatery.