Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore took time out from his US book tour this evening to pay a visit to the Occupy Portland camp. ---

Moore was expected to show at 3:30 pm, but didn't slosh into muddy Terry Schrunk Plaza until 5 pm, where he was ushered into the center of the amphitheater to address the crowd of occupiers, supporters and media. 

A hastily assembled P.A. system mercifully saved all present from the "human microphone," and the crowd forgot to use its twinkle fingers, regularly breaking into applause and chanting to show its support.

Here's the whole thing:

(Apologies for the occasional shakes and brown baseball cap guy who just would not sit still)

Also appearing in Terry Schrunk Plaza—a federal park with a curfew of 10 pm—today are several tents, which one occupier told the assembled masses was to show the federal government's hypocrisy in occupying other countries while not allowing its citizens to occupy a public park. Others said it was because the original camp is now full. Either way, arrests are expected.