I guess I'm a romantic. 

Of all the tough-talking tracks on Illmaculate's new free download, The Skrill Walton EP (the second free disc he's dropped this year), I pick the love song to post on LocalCut. But, you know, I think Illmac is a romantic at heart, as well: His love songs are often his strongest cuts. Maybe it's all those years of battling that make Illmac's relationship jams feel like a sigh of relief. Or maybe it's the perfect fit of Illmac's team-ups with G_Force—who also produced the excellent Green Tape—that make these kind of soulful productions work. But as much as I like the combative bars of "For the Life of Me" (another G_Force production) and the desperation of the Sapient- Chase Moore-produced "Seconds Left," it's the conversational tone of "No Extras" that grabs me tightest.
That little (likely synthesized) B3 organ hook completely kills me, and—WHAT THE FUCK—it turns out Illmac can sing! More impressively, the song is a multi-dimensional look at love that finds the MC feeling both romantic and seductive and downright horny. It's a pretty accurate depiction of all the swirling emotions that come to pass when a dude really, really crushes on somebody, and yet it's presented as a pitch speech to a girl it sounds like Illmac has just met. I'm impressed that the MC takes such a long view of things, and I'm reminded of old favorites like Common's "The Light" as I am of Mos Def's "Ms. Fat Bootie" here: There's a little bit of lust and a little bit of love in the mix. If Illmac's to be believed, honesty is the best policy, but that shouldn't stop you from running a bit of game now and then.