Maybe it's the two fingers of Jameson I just finished, but I've searched my memory and can't think of a recent band/label marriage that makes more sense to me than the news that one of Portland's best art rock duos AU signing with local label Hometapes

Sarah Padgett Heathcott, one of the folks behind Hometapes, was kind enough to clue us in to this amazing news, leaving us with some new music to listen to, as well. And boy howdy do we wish we could share this with you because the new LP, Both Lights, which is coming out on the 21st of February, is a stunner. 

It is one of those discs that shows a band making huge strides in the evolution of its sound, while still providing huge meaty chunks for longtime fans to gnaw on. Drummer Dana Valatka brings that crazed energy to the fore while Luke Wyland and some vocal collaborators moan and emote over foggy webs of keyboards and scattershot guitar lines. This shit is going to blow some minds. See and hear it for yourself on December 1st when AU plays at Mississippi Studios with Appetite, Stay Calm, and Like A Villain (a.k.a. Holland Andrews who joins AU on the new album and will be performing with them this evening). 

Now, we realize you may know who AU is, but you might be less familiar with Hometapes. This fine, fine label has been quietly releasing some of the most aesthetically and aurally pleasing records of the last few years, including discs by Megafaun, Bear In Heaven, The Caribbean, and Shedding. And as Heathcott said in one of her missives to us, though they have only lived here in the city for a brief while, they are really aiming at becoming an important part of the Portland music community. 

With AU joining the label, we're definitely considering what it means to be contributing to the local scene in new ways. We came here quietly and have making great friends and letting our roots grow at their own pace. More than ever, I feel connected to so many aspects of this town....while maintaining this web that stretches around the globe. I know Portland has further cracked open our minds and we've been able to find much of ourselves here, in addition to the magic of a place where people know what you mean when you say "I run a record label."

We are happy to have you here, Hometapes, and pleased as punch that you are releasing some new music by AU.