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With few events happening around town this week thanks to some holiday or something, we decided to round up some of Portland's best local Black Friday deals for people not interested in toasters and linen sets:

Floating World Comics (400 NW Couch St.) has 50 percent off all back issues (all comics that didn't come out this week) and 25 percent off books and graphic novels.

Guardian Games (303 SE 3rd Ave.) is having an "invite only" sale—scoring an invite requires you to present a receipt from the store worth $20 or more from the month of November. "Damn near everything" is 20 percent off or more, plus $1, $5 and $10 tables. There will also be free coffee, juice and doughnuts.

At Bridge City Comics (3725 N Mississippi Ave.), subscription box members will get 40 percent off everything all day. For the rest of you plebs, it's like-a so: 10-11 am: 40 percent off, 11 am-noon 35 percent off, noon-1 pm 30 percent off, 1- 2 pm 25 percent off, 2-3 pm 20 percent off, 3-4 pm 10 percent off, 4-8 pm no discount.

Red Castle Games (6416 SE Foster Rd.) is opening its doors three hours early at 9 am and is offering 25 percent off everything except Magic sealed booster packs and booster boxes. Entry to the regular Friday Night Magic tournament will also be 25 percent off—that's $3.75 instead of $5. 

Self-described "high-tech toy store" Stuff (9770 SE 82nd Ave.) will be selling everything in store at 10 percent off, from 8 am-noon.

What did we miss?