Two women have told Portland Police they were in NFL player Ndamukong Suh's car and were injured when he crashed it in downtown Portland early Saturday morning. Both women told police the NFL player was driving recklessly and misled police when he said he lost control of his vehicle by swerving to to avoid a taxi.

In police reports obtained by WW, [PDF] the women told police they were injured in the crash—one was "bleeding from her face"—but left the scene immediately because they didn't want their photos taken by the crowd outside Dante's. Police report they never saw the women at the crash scene and did not interview them until Sunday.

Both women said Suh was driving too fast and recklessly when the Detroit Lions player and former Grant High School football star crashed his 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle into a tree, light pole and Benson Bubbler water fountain at the corner of SW Third Avenue and Burnside Street.

"He was driving too fast and reckless all the time," said a women who claimed to be sitting in Suh's rear passenger seat at the time of the crash. "There was never a taxi. He was just going too fast and he could have killed someone at Dante's."

The woman said she received a cut on her forehead requiring five stitches, along with a black eye, a "busted lip" and a torn shoulder muscle treated at OHSU. The other alleged passenger, who said she was sitting in the rear seat on the driver's side, told police she went to OHSU with a bruised and swollen shoulder.

Neither woman wanted her identity released by the police. Each told police "Suh has a lot of friends and family and [she] fears retaliation."

The woman with the cut forehead "said that she repeatedly told Suh that she was hurt and needed a doctor," according to the police report. However, audio of Suh's 911 call obtained by the Detroit Free Press includes Suh telling the dispatcher there's no need for an ambulance.

"Do you need an ambulance?" the dispatcher asks.

"No, I don't think so," Suh says. "I think everybody's fine."

Suh, the second pick in the 2010 National Football Leauge draft, is visiting family while on a two-week suspension from the NFL for stomping on a Green Bay Packer player's arm on the Lions' Thanksgiving Day game.

Saturday's car wreck has attracted enough international attention that a Taiwanese company has made an animated reenactment of the crash.