5th Wall Gaming, a local company that runs gaming parties of the role playing variety, has a new toy that stimulates our nerdy bits: Spaceship Simulation, a LARP-LAN hybrid game that replicates the bridge of a space ship (you might even say it replicates a trek into the stars, but let's not get into any intellectual property issues).

Crews of six wannabe galactic warriors take on 30-minute missions, working together to shoot down alien ships and keep their own sailing the friendly skies.

"The software allows for one station of helm, weapons, engineering, science and communications," explains 5th Wall's Joseph Bullock-Palser. "Each one has its own computer with its own screen and there is one role of the captain, who doesn't have a screen, he just sits in the middle. There is also a projector which has the front view screen projected on the wall. Each console operates a section of the ship. So if the ship wants to move forward, it's the helmsman's job to increase the throttle, weapons is to shoot down the aliens, science is to scan to see what weapons frequencies would be best for getting through shields, engineering keeps the ship running."

On Saturday Dec. 17, 5th Wall will be hosting a day of Starship Simulation at Guardian Games in Portland's inner southeast. $5 gets you training and a half-hour mission. Costumes and characters are optional, but come on, how could you even consider not wearing your best shiny silver jumpsuit?

"We are looking to expand this into a full-fledged RPG, we're looking for ideas for costuming," says Bullock-Palser. "So we're crowd sourcing a costume contest at Guardian Games, where we offer a four-hour party for free if we pick your group's costume as the best."

Bullock-Palser says they're hoping to turn this into a monthly event, where crews can continue and build their characters and teams.

Those looking to play on the 17th are encouraged to sign up here and reserve a spot. If you come with a full 6-person crew, your captain flies free.

GO: Guardian Games, 303 SE 3rd Ave., 238-4000. 12:30-9:30 pm. $5.