You can combine all the CGI technology and special effects in the world for some pretty rad-looking explosions, but for truly trippy visuals, nothing beats good old-fashioned ingenuity. Director Hayley Young proves this on AgesandAges' new video for "Souvenir," a topsy-turvy visual affair at least partially filmed in reverse. Lots of people-power here, but not a lot of special effects budget.

The video, filmed in front of Seattle's recently condemned historic 619 Western building—once a bustling artists community—uses extras who worked and created there. So this video—a sort of street ballet and performance piece set to one of my favorite AgesandAges songs (I'm a nerd for vocal harmony breakdowns, but it's also just a really well-written tune)—isn't just a montage of neat visual tricks, it's something that means something. And you've gotta kick something that means something.

Without further ado, the new AgesandAges video:

You can register to win a chance to see AgesandAges tomorrow at the tiny Bing Lounge in downtown Portland right here. Or, if you're not one of the lucky ones, you can stream the show (tomorrow at noon) right here.

And there are more chances to see AgesandAges. The band plays its holiday show on Friday, Dec. 23 at the Doug Fir. I am really, really hoping they play some old Christmas standards—few local acts are as well-equipped to bring merriment, after all.