Bosko, the Portland-bred Cool Nutz cohort who now lives as a "superproducer" in LA. I quote the title only because it's a little silly—Bosko's credentials are super-solid, including his elaborate work with Big Boi and some collabos with Kanye West (and, it should be noted, talkbox and production on J. Cole's new single, "Workout"). But I did not, until today, consider Bosko a political mind (after all, one of his best songs is called "We're Just Fuckin'").

I couldn't resist posting "Occupy Until" here on the blog. I have heard a lot of awful songs about the recent rounds of public protest in the U.S. This is one of the smartest and most sing-alongable I've heard. But Bosko's own story, detailing what it was that politicized him, is perhaps even more interesting. Read while you listen! And download the single here.

"When I used my lifesavings and a bank loan to start building my family dream home, I never dreamed the bank would go out of business… Nonetheless, in the middle of construction, the government seized IndyMac Bank for illegal business practices, stopping my loan and preventing me from building my family home. To make matters worse, another bank acquired Bosko's loan from IndyMac and illegally threatened to foreclose. Pushed up against the wall, I decided to fight back. Representing myself with no law degree, (though thankfully a college education) I was able to sue the Banks, and through a grueling two-year federal court battle, stop the foreclosure, and force a favorable settlement.

My career has been gaining momentum, on the heels of my recent success as a writer and performer on J. Cole's #1 Album and worldwide hit "Workout", and I felt now was the time to add my voice to the Occupy Wall Street Movement with this new song "Occupy Until…"

There is a common misconception that #ows is about taking money from the rich, but it's not. #Ows is about stopping the theft of our money and property by Wall Street Banks. The 99% includes everyone from those in poverty to those making less than $340k/yr. Walls Street uses its money to control both political parties, helping it funnel trillions of dollars of our money into its hands. Government bailouts went straight to greedy banker's pockets while they kicked our families out of their homes.

Please support Occupy Wall Street!"