As is tradition, the end of a year is a perfect time to reflect and to set resolutions for the upcoming year. With that in mind—and the fact that nearly every venue in Portland is offering up a solid New Year's Eve bill—we decided to ask this year's New Year entertainment for their New Year's resolutions.

We received a slew of responses from many of the talented musicians that will be taking the stage as the clock ticks to midnight, ranging from personal to band-related, exercise and more:

Adam Shearer, Weinland

HoloceneThe Miracles Club, Sex Life, Ancient Heat, Sun Angle, Palmas, DJ Copy, DJ Snakks, DJ Hostile Tapeover

Dig A Pony
Purple & Green, Artifice

Josh Martinez, the Chicharones
My New Year's resolution is to learn Spanish. With a name like Josh Martinez, and being a part of a group called The Chicharones, being able to speak fluent French and no Spanish continues to be less and less ironic, and more embarrassing. Also figuring out how to sell my soul for Blazers season tickets will most certainly be a priority.

Nathan Trueb, Tango Alpha Tango
Our resolution, as a band, is to finally go on tour this spring headed to SXSW. We have a new album coming out this spring that we're ready to travel behind.