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New Year's Resolutions From Your NYE Entertainment


As is tradition, the end of a year is a perfect time to reflect and to set resolutions for the upcoming year. With that in mind—and the fact that nearly every venue in Portland is offering up a solid New Year’s Eve bill—we decided to ask this year’s New Year entertainment for their New Year’s resolutions.

We received a slew of responses from many of the talented musicians that will be taking the stage as the clock ticks to midnight, ranging from personal to band-related, exercise and more:

Doug Fir
Weinland, Fruit Bats

Adam Shearer, Weinland

I resolve to work less on things that are associated with riches and more on things that are associated with a rich life. I am resolving to do this so I can be a better example for my son.

Mission TheatreTalkdemonic, Deelay Ceelay, Brainstorm

Lisa Molinaro, Talkdemonic
Lots and lots of yoga. I wanna be really good at all that stretchy stuff! The touring life is very hard on the body and mind. I need a remedy I can take with me in the van!

Kevin O’Connor, Talk Demonic
Hands down the most important TD resolution for 2012 is to finally tour Europe! If we have to row ourselves across the pond in life boats, we'll do it.

Delaney Kelly, Deelay Ceelay
My New Year's resolution is to exercise more. Drummers gotta be fit to make it through an hour long set!

Chris Lael Larson, Deelay Ceelay
To be lighter on my feet, to be more with less. In every manner possible.

Mississippi StudiosNurses, Radiation City, Wild Ones, DJ Beyonda

James Mitchell, Nurses
I have two, actually. 1) Skate more, 2) Think less, feel more. The second one is sort of ambiguous, but essentially I am an over-thinker and this gets in the way of making awesome things. Thus, shutting off the brain and feeling more does wonders!

HoloceneThe Miracles Club, Sex Life, Ancient Heat, Sun Angle, Palmas, DJ Copy, DJ Snakks, DJ Hostile Tapeover

Papi Fimbres, Sun Angle
I would have to say if I were to have a New Year's resolution, it would be that I create ever more music than I do and have even fresher shows than last year! Cause, shit, so many rad shows, so many rad new homies, so much untapped energy still out there that has yet to see the light of day. It just gets better!

Dig A Pony
Purple & Green, Artifice

Chelsea Morrisey, Artifice
My New Year's resolution is to sign up for an Ok Cupid account and meet someone with a fuck ton of money and a nice car. We'll eat steak every night of the week.

Kenton ClubAnd And And, Blood Beach, This Charming Man

Bim Ditson, And And And
I'm trying to think of stuff but I actually am 100% satisfied with every aspect of how my life is going right now.

Blood Beach:
Camella (Theremin): Start a solo project
Cody (Drums) : Join Camella's solo project
Ethan (Bass): Start a Soul project
Shane (Guitar, Vocals): Quit music; spend free time writing A Song of Ice and Fire Fan Fiction.

Backspace — The Reservations, Big Black Cloud, New York Rifles, Hollywood Tans, Red Ships of Spain

Eirean Bradley, Hollywood Tans
To record our own "Live at Budokan" preferrably in Budokan. "Live at Spokane" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Ted's at Berbati's PanChicharones, Doo Doo Funk Allstars

Josh Martinez, the Chicharones
My New Year's resolution is to learn Spanish. With a name like Josh Martinez, and being a part of a group called The Chicharones, being able to speak fluent French and no Spanish continues to be less and less ironic, and more embarrassing. Also figuring out how to sell my soul for Blazers season tickets will most certainly be a priority.

Someday LoungeThe Winebirds, Tango Alpha Tango

Nathan Trueb, Tango Alpha Tango
Our resolution, as a band, is to finally go on tour this spring headed to SXSW. We have a new album coming out this spring that we're ready to travel behind.

Star BarGuantanamo Baywatch, Pataha Hiss, Pity Fucks, Chemicals, Polaroids

Pataha Hiss
Collectively clowning and frowning on the cover of Busted! Sorry for party rocking…

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