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Portland is Out. Pittsburgh is In. Apparently.

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The Washington Post has published its annual hot or not list, known simply as The List, and it seems that in 2012, our fair city is "out," with Pittsburgh slated as the new "it" city.

According to a lengthier piece on the subject, one of the listmakers explains:

“Portland has overextended its welcome as the destination for hipsters who want to find themselves, while frolicking in beautiful scenery and reasonable rents...Pittsburgh is reasonable-rents, nice scenery, nice downtown, and the people are, in general, just far less insufferable.”

The author elaborates further:

"Portland, with its elaborate facial hair and abundance of strip clubs, represents irony. Pittsburgh, with its working-class pragmatism, is the opposite: earnest and straightforward. It’s a place where people drink cheap beer and wave their Terrible Towels without self-consciousness. Hipsters take faux working-class attributes —brusque beards, Pabst Blue Ribbon and occupations such as butchery — and integrate them into their lives with an ironic wink and a superiority complex. In Pittsburgh, you can find all of the above, only without the derision and affectation."

Well, we look forward to a torrent of NYT pieces lauding pierogies, chip-chop ham, and polka music in the coming year.

Joining Portland in the shit list is Ryan Gosling, Greek yogurt, trapeze lessons and tigers.
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