Whilst putting together our 2011 end-of-year round-up of Portland facts and figures, which included the city's best-selling albums, most rented DVDs, and top viewed movies, it occured to us that reading about what you people read, watch, listen to and eat is really freaking interesting. So we've decided to make the top selling albums in Portland a weekly event.

This week we're including both Jackpot Records and Music Millennium. We're hoping to add a third next week, and to check in with smaller mom-and-pop shops on the regular. We're also going to use this as a place to list in-store shows and signings, because those are lovely.

So without further ado, on with the listage:

Music Millennium
El Camino
Bad As Me
So Beautiful or So What
Jackpot Records
El Camino

Hurry up, We're Dreaming
Thai Funk Volume 2
Saturday Jan. 14
Sunday Jan. 15