I love how ambitious Portland bands are becoming. It puts a lot of trust in an audience to be willing to throw out songs that push the envelope both musically and in terms of length. Can't think of too many other ambient pop bands willing to drop a 10 minute song on their fans this early on in their careers - nor one that would pull it off as well as Forest Park does here. 

The quartet builds the song simply with guitarists Katherine Paul and Maya Kiko Stoner trading off guitar chords for a full minute before a 6/4 drum beat pops in. Up goes the volume and intensity for a full five more minutes before the bottom drops out. From there, it's a gentle letdown for a stretch with clarinet and trumpet chords popping into the mix as the guitars wend around each other. That is until the last final burst of joyous volume that sends the song off with a bang. 

Stunning stuff, really. And a song that is going to come across with even more drama and beauty when the band plays their two EP release shows this weekend at Mississippi Studios. I wasn't planning on going before but after hearing this...I won't miss it. 

Forest Park plays a free 21+ show on Jan. 13th with Aan and Youth starting at 8:30, and then an all-ages show the next night (with a $5 cover) with Your Rival and Duck Little Brother Duck! Both shows are at Mississippi Studios.