A clarification: The promotional text appearing on WW boxes around town this week, for a story about a proposed ballot measure that would tax sugar-added drinks in Multnomah County, is misleading.

The story itself makes clear that county officials are not endorsing the proposed measure or the signature-gathering campaign to get it on the November ballot—even though the proceeds from the tax, if ultimately approved by voters, would be administered by the county. 

"Multnomah County does its best, especially in these tight fiscal times where the bad economy is hurting everyone, to stretch our resources to serve all of its residents. The board is careful and measured about what goes on any ballot. This proposal has nothing to do with Multnomah County," county spokesman David Austin says.

Bottom line, it's not accurate to say, as the box copy does, that Multnomah County "wants" to tax your soda. WW regrets the error.