There's a beauty to the jukebox. My favorite resides at the Springdale Tavern. The bar is located just outside of Troutdale and when you walk in, everyone turns to look, keenly aware that you're not a local. The jukebox there has a diverse catalog of both current and past hits and on one particular $1 well drink Wednesday, I plugged quite a few quarters into the machine. And while everyone in the bar may have known I wasn't from around those parts, they certainly didn't know that the music they were being subjected to came from the coins in my pockets.

But what if you put on your guiltiest pleasures and everyone knew it was coming from you? You know the drill: pop songs, classic rock, songs from movie soundtracks; really anything you wouldn't openly advertise as to liking. It's in that spirit that we introduce a new reoccurring column and turn the jukebox over to the members of Blue Cranes to make their guilty pleasures a dirty little secret no longer.


Bon Jovi, "Raise Your Hands"



Wax Ecstatic

Apollo 18