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Jukebox of Guilty Pleasures: And And And

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As you may have noticed last week, LocalCut has a new column in which the members of a local band divulge their musical guilty pleasures with the aid of YouTube videos. For the second installment, the roisterous rock quintet And And And have stepped up to the pitch to take over the jukebox and reveal all:

Nathan Baumgartner:

Mariah Carey, "Fantasy"

"This song always brings me back to middle school dances and my fond memories of the awkward beauty of puberty. Plus this is the first song I ever touched tit to."

Bim Ditson:

Khia, "My Neck, My Back"

"This song makes me horny."

Berg Radin:

George Strait, "Amarillo By Morning"

"Nothing brings me back to my years in the amateur rodeo circuit quite like George Strait. God bless America."

Ryan Wiggans:

Master P, "Ice Cream Man"

"I loooooooooove ice cream! I don't really understand this song and Master P makes me feel scared but I fucking love ice cream."

Jonathan Sallas:

Marilyn Manson, "Sweet Dreams"

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