Doing the rounds of the interwebs today is news that TrackersPDX—which runs camps for adults and youngsters on skills like wilderness survival and wildlife tracking (so, a lot of paranoid survivalists, we imagine)—is running a summer camp based on the Hellboy comic series.

It struck us as a cheap gimmick at first, but it is actually a collaboration with Oregon-based Dark Horse Comics and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, so that's neat. It also does sound genuinely awesome:

"We immerse you in tactical training of all forms, including survival skills in any environment (both earthly and non), martial arts and self-defense specific to praeternatural entities, hand to hand weaponry (we train foam swords, bows and more) and forensic investigation."

Campers will also explore nearby Marmot, Oregon, and investigate the story of Adolf Aschoff—who was genuinely the town's founder, though Trackers seems to have embellished the tale somewhat to fit with the Hellboy theme, adding zombies, the Sasquatch, spirits and magic:

"Aschoff was thwarted in his attempt to seal the tablet by local spirits known as the Aplas. These demonic spirits prey upon both humans and animals, rendering their victims undead slaves, leaving them as mindless zombies when they're done with them. The Aplas were under the direction of the Order Nem-ett Ethem, who were still trying to pinpoint the tablet's location."Aschoff was saved from the Alpas by another local legend: a great hairy beast, and one of the most famous bits of folklore of the Northwest. Ashcoff had been exploring the area's forests for years by this time, and had been aided more than once by this "Bigfoot," who he found to be very useful as a temporary ally in any situation."

Other camp activities include potions and charms, telepathy training, gadgets of the occult, and meeting Hellboy artists.

Sadly, you have to be aged 9-17 to attend.