Have the musicians of this city gone video mad or is that just us? 

The last week has seen a surge of amazing looking promotional clips cooked up by Portland artists and their visually minded friends. And, no surprise, we've featured a bunch of them here. I mean, we wouldn't bother if they weren't great to look at and featured great songs, right? 

Take this latest example from singer/songwriter Jarad Miles. It's not just that his take on one of Portland's favorite fall back genres - folksy pop - feels much more honest and earthy than far too many of his contemporaries. But he's also matched it up with a strange, quirky video that finds Miles in some kind of Civil War-style garb wandering through landscapes both rural and metropolitan like The Brother From Another Planet. Just much more, you know, white. 

And if you're looking to see the video in some format bigger than your computer monitor, Miles will be screening it before his show at Mississippi Studios on February 12th.