Here's a meeting of two great forces here in the city that have created something both mutually beneficial and downright awesome. 

For the past few months, the Oregon Historical Society has been host to Oregon Rocks! an exhibit focused on the rich musical history of the state. As that exhibit draws to a close, the OHS has decided to go out with a bang. They've teamed up with local curators and music makers to create Let It Rain, a CD compilation of Oregon-based artists from the present covering songs by Oregon-based bands of the past. 

In anyone else's hands, this could have been just so-so, but the folks behind this collection went all out and grabbed the veritable cream of the crop - here's the partial tracklist released in an e-mail today: [Update 2/1: Full tracklist is here!]

1) Arrow of Light -- Quasi -- "You Turn Me On"

2) Kelli Schaefer -- Lollipop Shoppe -- "Mr. Madison Avenue"

3) Atole -- Smegma -- "Mutant Baby"

4) Nick Jaina -- Menomena -- "Rotten Hell"

5) Hot Victory -- Hitting Birth -- "hallelujah"

6) Red Fang -- Wipers -- "Over the Edge"

7) Nucular Aminals -- the Stand -- "Starving Artist"

8) Witch Mountain -- Calamity Jane -- "Outta Money"

9) Rabbits -- Poison Idea -- "Think Twice"

10) Rollerball -- Hazel -- "King Twist"

11) Portland Cello Project -- Elliott Smith -- "Taking a Fall"

12) Ancient Heat -- Pleasure --  "Ghettos of the Mind"

13) Raise the Bridges -- U-Krew -- "If U Were Mine"

14) The Angry Orts -- Quarterflash -- "Harden My Heart"

15) Kyle Morton -- Pond -- "Ugly"

16) Grouper -- Dead Moon -- "Demona"

17) Daniel Menche -- Wehrmacht -- "E"

Not bad, eh? 

We found the Grouper track, and here it is for your listening pleasure.

Our inside sources tell us that the disc will also feature YACHT covering Nu Shooz (you know the song...) [Foiled by a bad tip!] and Witch Mountain tackling a Calamity Jane song, among others. 

Here's where it gets really good: OHS is holding a closing night party for the Oregon Rocks exhibit that will feature sets by disco revivalists Ancient Heat, Alan Singley's new band Arrow Of Light, and - gasp - a rare appearance by punk legends Napalm Beach. 

And what's better than that? $10 gets you into the event and nets you a copy of Let It Rain on CD...and....wait for it....all the proceeds go to benefit PDX Pop Now!

Here are the salient details for the event. Mark you calendars accordingly. 
WHO: Live music by Arrow Of Light, Napalm Beach, Ancient Heat
WHAT: Let It Rain CD release party, PDX Pop Now! Benefit Show
WHEN: Sunday, Feb. 19th, 6-10pm
WHERE: Oregon Historical Society, 1200 SW Park Ave