Today, WW is excited to be launching a new section of our website, PDX Votes.

We know trawling through all the non-political content on our site can be a bit of a chore for wonks, so we've created a central hub for the latest news, data and gossip from the 2012 mayoral and city hall races—not only can you find all of WW's election coverage, we'll be aggregating and commentating on headlines from around Portland's mediasphere.

You can also see up-to-date campaign finance data—who has the most money, who's spending the most money, and who's donating all of that money.

On "How Does Your Neighborhood Vote," you can see maps of precinct-level voting data from the 2010 Oregon Governor election, 2008 Mayoral election and 2008 Presidential election, to spy on where your neighbors sit on the political spectrum.

Stay tuned—we'll be adding more features and data as the campaign continues.