Considering how much information pours out of a musician or a band via their Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts, it's a breath of fresh air when an artist doesn't let you know absolutely everything that he/she is doing or thinking through the day. Granted, The Ghost Ease has all three of the above, but instead of spouting off on her favorite TV shows or posting pictures of food, Jem Marie Murciano (the leader of this nebulous band) keeps things just on the right side of mysterious, with lovely pictures, small snippets of ideas, and links to her music. 

It's an attitude that suits the sound of The Ghost Ease, a lo-fi one that stays on the borderline between ethereal floating and earthbound folkiness. Marie's work is similar in that vein to Grouper but with a few layers of sonic coating scraped off. 

This track, in particular, shares those sonic markings. Marie's multi-tracked background vocals stumble around the song like a drunken Greek chorus trying desperately to dance to the song's slow drum machine beat. Murciano takes the spotlight away from them with a smartly tempered lead vocal. It doesn't force itself into your presence, but sidles up alongside and coos gently in your ear. And if you don't swoon as a result, well, you just don't have enough romance in your heart.