I guess I missed the part of Yacht's career where they went from party-starters who could craft a catchy hook to to legitimate songwriters whose songs could allow for a Beatles-esque string section and really lovely sentiments. This new video—which, appropriately, debuted on the L.A. Times' blog yesterday—starts out looking all culty, but quickly transitions into a hazy cavalcade of simple pleasures (sitting at the beach, eating ice cream on a skateboard, getting a new tattoo). The song progresses as the video does. 

About it, Yacht writes:

"YACHT believes that Utopia, like reality, is not a physical experience, nor one dictated by the boundaries of a particular space. Rather, it's a movable feast, defined by its capacity to adapt and change to new surroundings. 

Basically, any place can be Utopia. 

But it doesn't hurt when that place is already Los Angeles."

Maybe Yacht is not a cult after all. Maybe it's just two sweet kids who can't seem to differentiate between their own excellent graphic design ideas and God. And maybe that's okay.

In any case, hating Los Angeles has been a pretty heavy weight all these years. I'm just gonna let go of that whole native Oregonian grudge now—because sunshine looks pretty damn appealing.