It's been years since I've thought of the band Soul Decision. Many, many years. During high school I had a bright orange tank-top emblazoned with its name, a souvenir from seeing the group open for Christina Aguilera at the Rose Garden. I just admitted that. Why? Because a member of the ultimate party popsters Sex Life just admitted that the song "Faded" by Soul Decision is a guilty pleasure of his. Stay tuned below for more revelations and throwbacks...


"Head of the State" by Baraka Flocka Flame 

Gotta a couple of dollars, I'm SOOO HOOD rich

"Faded" by Soul Decision

First of all, I don't believe in guilty pleasures. No way. A good friend of mine recently turned me back on to this track. So dated. So '90s. Is faded drunker than buzzed? Is trashed drunker than faded? I don't remember!

"Just an Illusion," by Imagination

Haunted house disco?!? Consider me guilty as charged...

"Come As You Are" by Peter Wolf

The alluring je ne sais quoi of the '80s choogler-dad mixed with embarrassing mega-positivity is too much to handle. I love this so purely.