Though the name Lilly Wolf would seem to denote that this project is but one person, it is in fact equal parts vocalist Lilly Wolfson and producer Alex Neuhausen (aka Dr. Nu). The two make electronic pop together under the guise of the frontwoman's moniker, kinda like Goldfrapp and La Roux. However, this duo does more than split duties within the group—it also splits its time between Portland and San Francisco. Neuhausen relocated to Portland in 2011 while Wolfson remains primarily in the Bay Area (though she flies in occasionally, allowing the group to perform shows in the Rose City).

I have caught the pair twice, the first time being at a proper show at Someday Lounge, where the duo's color and pop-culture soaked video visuals played a large role within the set. The second time was a more stripped-down affair—albeit one with the addition a live drummer—in the basement of a house near Slabtown in NW Portland. Each time, Lilly Wolf closed its set with the song "Disaster." It worked its earworm magic on me both times, so I bring it to you now.

"Disaster" begins with Wolfson's breathy vocals gliding over the stark beat with ease. Shortly thereafter, she declares "Disaster, disaster" as she uses the first verse to weave a lyrical tale of a relationship that's deteriorating. While rather wordy, the song is a super catchy blend of intelligent pop and dance music. The lyrics are filled with metaphors, observations and moments of protest. But it's the melody of the the chorus that gets stuck in your head almost instantaneously. Lilly Wolf has big goals, and "Disaster" is its strongest offering, one with more than a hint of commercial potential which is a sphere the pair doesn't seem to shy away from.