contributor Megan Holmes, who is touring with Talk Normal and Zola Jesus, reports and snaps photos from the road in this tour diary series.

This time around one of my favorite experiences was going to Canal st to find a mac charger on the DL. Asking material hustlers for an Apple product was like asking for cocaine, but worse. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten cocaine over any Mac product. Shipping an extra one from Portland turned out to be easier. Packing my bags at my friend Jen's house was easier since the TV was on and Whitney's funeral was on re-run. Oh BeBe Winans, do you really miss the "crazy Whitney?" Isn't that why all of this happened to her??? 

Anyway, one thing my friend Lauren reminded me about in touring is that musicians are genius Tetris players. Your ability to pack a van is almost like a badge of honor. Andrya Ambro in Talk Normal is a genius Tetris player. The van is always perfect. Also, one of the great things about New York is it never ceases to have rad taggers. They make me laugh everytime. New York, it was a pleasure hanging out.