Portland's Don't came together late in the members' musical careers, and the experience and quality of influences they all bring to the table in this collaboration is evident from 2011 album Away Away's first track, "Too Young." The track opens with an understated, melodic and fuzzy guitar riff before singer Jenny Don't begins a casual wail eerily similar to the mellow cadence found with Siouxsie Sioux. Her speak-sing style plays with the low rhythm carrying the verse, until the explosive chorus reveals itself.

The bass is the biggest show-off in the chorus, casually leading the way over post-punk style reverberated guitar and liberal use of surfy whammy bar action. The urging of "Please!" is repeated to create a bit of a hook over instruments utilizing varying tempos, while all working to create something like melodic-goth. It's catchy but not poppy, and cleverly melds seemingly different styles into cohesion.