Portland photographer Megan Holmes is currently touring the country with Zola Jesus and Talk Normal. She's sending photos from the road.

Tonight we played the Contemporary Arts Center specifically because Zola Jesus requested the venue as it was designed by Zaha Hadid (contemporary Iraqi-British architect ), who is one of Nika Danilova's favorite architects. I have to say this is one of the most stunning buildings I have ever seen. The black criss-cross stair case was so beautiful and well-lit that I kept finding myself getting lost just starring at it. 

We were able to run around and look at the show "Is This Thing On," which had a wide array of video installations some more sculptural. One thing I was determined not to forget to experience was Cincinatti's food staple: Chili. We happened to be right down the block from Skyline Chili (most notibley famous for Spaghetti Chili with cheese). It's so weird and amazing. A must-try.