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Occupy Portland Debates Occupying Lake Oswego

waterworldDry land is a myth.

WW Arts and Culture Editor Martin Cizmar struck a blow for the 99 percent recently by kayaking around Oswego Lake, and Occupy Portland has taken note.

Spurred on by a quote from Lake O Mayor Jack Hoffman—“If there was an Occupy Oswego Lake, what would happen? I just don’t know”—its adherents have been debating following Cizmar's revolutionary paddle strokes by occupying the lake themselves, in a lengthy discussion on the group's 25,000-supporter-strong Facebook page.

The official Occupy Portland account:

"it represents a larger struggle: those with resources, and thus influence, claiming the earth for their exclusive use. A possible Occupy Lake Oswego campaign may couple nicely with this:"

A sampling of other comments:

"Any Occupy of Lake Oswego should actually occupy the lake itself. It would be funny to see a small raft community develop on the lake. I'd worry about someone drowning, though."

"Lake O is great symbol of the 1% here. OCCUPY IT just for an afternoon--the photo op is outstanding!"

"I will bring a huge floaty trampoline if this happens!!!"

"Sounds fun, i'd love to come on my inflatable kayak on a sunny day with some signs."

"oh boy would the riot police freak out. They would not appreciate poor people disturbing their view of the lake..."

While we can't openly endorse such actions, we must admit we're quite taken with one WW commenter's suggestions: "Start building your water worldesque trash rafts and get them afloat on the 1%'s private riverera. Spend your summer like a true 1%'er floating in sunny bliss, working on your tan, drinking drinks with little foufy umbrellas while you take it to the man on Portland premier waterfront."

Splash the state, man.
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