WW Arts and Culture Editor Martin Cizmar struck a blow for the 99 percent recently by kayaking around Oswego Lake, and Occupy Portland has taken note.

Spurred on by a quote from Lake O Mayor Jack Hoffman—"If there was an Occupy Oswego Lake, what would happen? I just don't know"—its adherents have been debating following Cizmar's revolutionary paddle strokes by occupying the lake themselves, in a lengthy discussion on the group's 25,000-supporter-strong Facebook page.

The official Occupy Portland account:

"it represents a larger struggle: those with resources, and thus influence, claiming the earth for their exclusive use. A possible Occupy Lake Oswego campaign may couple nicely with this: http://www.citizensforportlandswater.org"

A sampling of other comments:

"Any Occupy of Lake Oswego should actually occupy the lake itself. It would be funny to see a small raft community develop on the lake. I'd worry about someone drowning, though."
"Lake O is great symbol of the 1% here. OCCUPY IT just for an afternoon--the photo op is outstanding!"
"I will bring a huge floaty trampoline if this happens!!!"
"Sounds fun, i'd love to come on my inflatable kayak on a sunny day with some signs."
"oh boy would the riot police freak out. They would not appreciate poor people disturbing their view of the lake..."