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What the World Is Tweeting About the Civil War

If you're reading this, odds are you're sitting at work counting down the minutes to tonight's 6 pm Oregon-Oregon State game. You're not alone. Twitter is ablaze with commentary and anticipation for the game. Here's a quick sampling of what's being tweeted:

@annesaw17 I hear Mission Theater already has a line for the civil war game. We might end up hosting a last-minute viewing party. I should pick a team.

@mozgal Who's excited for Civil War? That's right, this girl! Quack quack quack!

@metacym Trying to decide which Eugene bar to go watch the #Civil War tonight. GO DUCKS! Autzen breaks capacity and decibles tonight. #Oregon #Ducks

@natcmed Catchin' way too much grief over this Civil War......extending all the way to SF & LA. My phone has been goin' off like CRAZY!!

@byob01 @OGOchoCinco We are all getting our work done so we can leave early for the Civil War, what else??

@johnhollinger How I would love to be in a sports bar in PDX tonight. Alas, I failed to consult college FB schedule when making my travel plans.

@JakeKirkwood Civil War! You must choose! Go BEAVS!!

@floater99 Tonight's Civil War starts same time as date night dinner. Damn! Tivo the game 2 watch entirely after dinner or pick it up in 2nd half? #fb

@micklee I'm unbiased when it come to the Civil War game....I don't care if it's the Ducks or long as its a good game!!

@griffinphillip Should they be allowed to call Oregon vs Oregon St fball game "the civil war"? Isn't that just as bad as KWinslow saying he's a "soldier"?

@Balla212 Almost time for CIVIL WAR!!! LETS GO!!! GO DUCKS!!!
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