Oregonians with a good memory for the bad-old days of the Oregon Citizens Alliance may remember Scott Lively.

Lively was one of the leaders of the anti-gay rights organization that pushed 1992's Measure 9, which would have changed the state constitution to declare homosexuality as perverse and required schools to teach it was equal to pedophilia. Lively is also infamous for physically throwing a female photographer out of an OCA meeting; a jury later found he used unreasonable force against her.

Lively's penchant for making enemies with his anti-gay views continues. According to the New York Times, a Ugandan gay rights group is suing Lively, accusing him of "violating international law by inciting the persecution of homosexuals." Lively had lobbied the Ugandan parliament for an anti-gay rights bill in 2009.

Lively now runs the Holy Grounds Coffee Shop in Springfield, Mass., where his employment practices have raised eyebrows among the locals.