Who's behind the project? Christian punkers Showbread

Why do they want your money? The band already went through a successful Kickstarter campaign to record and release their last album Who Can Know It?, which, as they proudly proclaim in the video and KS page accompanying their plea for cash, they gave away for free online. They are looking to do the same again with their new album Cancer, which…well, I'll let them explain the record: "An intricate world of a story set to the soundtrack of a Raw Rock space opera and accompanied by it's own feature film! We want to gather/combine all our creative resources into telling a massive, multi-sensory extravaganza of a story that screams an incredible truth: Jesus has conquered death!"

How much are they asking for? $43,000

What are they offering in return? You can get a download of the album and the movie, get access to "a private webcam stream of the album recording process that allows you to conversate [sic] with the band," or for the big bucks, get flown to Portland to spend a weekend with the band (impressively, someone has already ponied up for that one). 

Will they be fully funded? Absolutely, they will. Christians feel called upon to share their money with anyone who they feel are doing the hard work of spreading the Gospel. All the band needs is one highly regarded Christian blogger or pastor to mention it and the money is going to start pouring in. 

Our final assessment: I get the feeling these guys think they are reinventing the wheel by giving their album away for nothing. Granted, it's a rare thing in the Christian music world where many artists won't take two steps toward a stage or recording studio without some kind of remuneration. As we all know, though, tons of bands are going this route because of the shit state of the music industry right now. Get the music to the people and hope that they buy a ticket to see you play live and/or buy a t-shirt. I commend these guys for going that extra step further and throwing everything out to the people for nothing (they play primarily free concerts as well). But, c'mon…a little perspective is all I'm asking. Also, what gives with that bizarro montage of atrocities and flying saucers superimposed with a Bible verse at the end of their funding video? Is that what we have to look forward to with this movie they're making to coincide with the album? If so, I'm seriously considering tossing them $20 to get a download of that film when it is done. Then I'm going to spend another chunk of cash for some sheets of LSD and throw one hell of a viewing party.