Surprising to hear that Portland's favorite double-drummer dance band Deelay Ceelay has never, until now, put together a stand alone video for one of its songs. The group's work seems custom built to be matched up with spacey, iTunes visualizer-style blowouts of cornea straining light and color. 

Don't let's concentrate on that. Instead, simply drink in the maple syrup thick weirdness and wonderfulness to be had in this video cooked up by the band and director Dave Deoane. The boys in the band toss down their signature boogie beats whilst a batch of ladies draped in white perform some choreographed modern dance in front of them. And the whole thing takes place in a forest. Leaving me to wonder why we don't do more to entertain our woodland friends. Squirrels, owls, and bears need music too, damnit! That's it, I'm registering right now.