You cannot stop the members of Eternal Tapestry, you can only hope to contain them. Our favorite freeform psych/skronk rock outfit keep themselves busy enough with a schedule of local shows that has them playing at least once a week. But then they go and venture out into doing other projects like Jed Bindeman's new record shop Little Axe, his brother Nick's solo work under the name Tunnels, and the solo recordings of guitarist Dewey Mahood as Plankton Wat

PW has been around for a number of years, with Mahood often releasing a bunch of material on limited edition cassettes or CD-R. But he's taking a bold step into the light with the upcoming release of his new album Spirits on the brilliant Chicago label Thrill Jockey (also home to Tunnels and Eternal Tapestry). The disc is another low key masterpiece from Mahood, focusing on electric and acoustic guitar wanderings augmented by light bits of percussion and analog synth. Listen closely and you'll hear Mahood's ghostly voice wafting in like a vapor. 

To drum up some noise about the album, Mahood and Thrill Jockey have just released a video to accompany the album's title track. And true to the nature of the album, it is a beautiful and meandering clip consisting solely of shaky shots of buildings, plants, and a darkening sky. If you aren't already high, let this short video and song help approximate the feeling of being righteously buzzed. Does that make it NSFW?