What time is it? Time for another round of Jukebox of Guilty Pleasures. Stepping up the plate this week is the guitar-driver and ultra-jangly quartet Yours. We get one youtube video per member as each of the four shares their musical guilty pleasures. But not only do we find out what songs are lurking in their closet of guilty pleasures, we get the stories behind them. The stories are ones that range from limited family record collections to Top 40 pop addiction and the fact that one member has been to over 100 Phish shows... Let the secrets begin:

Adam Trachsel:

"As a youngster, my music listening options were pretty limited. My parents enjoyed music, but recorded music played a small role in their lives and even at a young age I could tell from what music they did buy, that our tastes didn't exactly match. Whenever my turn to choose an 8 track or cassette came, I had to sift through multiple Neil Diamond, Roger Whitaker and Manheim Steamroller albums to find the same 'Best of the Everly Brothers' that I had chosen every other time. It was the only one I could stand, and I'm eternally grateful that it was included in their small collection. Even though I didn't appreciate what I was exposed to by my parents and the radio, music was still sinking subconscious hooks into me. As a family, we took a lot of road trips, and my father liked to turn up the bass eq on his Cadillac's factory stereo. When I try to pinpoint where my attraction to bass frequencies began, my memory plays an image of me listening to Whitney Houston's "Dance With Somebody" while cruising through Des Moines, IA in my dad's Caddy. The song didn't do much for me then or now, but it holds a soft spot in my heart for it's role in helping me discover something that has become such an integral part in my life."

Matthan Minster:
"Although none of us could actually feel guilty about what pleases us musically, I understand the interest in this. Something that I like for whatever reason, that people may not expect or agree with. I'd say in that department the list could go on and on. My father was an opera singer, so i grew up hearing opera and classical music almost exclusively till age 9, when I was given my first guitar and a pile of Beatles tapes. I spent my high school days obsessed with shredder metal bands, and now after being engrossed in music for over 20 years, my tastes (or at least my musical curiosity) is diverse enough to make some people uncomfortable.

Beyonce is undeniable, so it almost doesn't count, but one might not expect that I flip out for tracks like "Say My Name," "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)" and "Crazy in Love" and listen to them over and over."

Mike Slavin:

Divulged by Minster: "Mike has been to over 100 Phish shows!!!"

Dan Canty: