An elections-law complaint against former City Commissioner Charlie Hales threatens his campaign for mayor. Portlander Seth Woolley, a Green Party activist, filed complaints late Tuesday with the city auditor, Multnomah County and the state Elections Division based on facts reported by WW over the past year. The complaint alleges Hales wasn't a legal voter in Oregon when he filed to run for mayor—a requirement in the city charter.

Hales last registered to vote in Oregon in 2008 after purchasing a Portland home. But from 2004 all the way through 2009, Hales was a resident of Washington, not Oregon, according to his tax returns.

Records show Hales continued voting in Oregon during those years even though state law appears to prohibit it. Woolley says Hales' voter registration was invalid and he was therefore ineligible to enter the mayor's race.

Hales says Woolley's argument has no merit. "It's a ridiculous complaint," Hales told WW Tuesday afternoon. "I received my ballot at my Portland address in the most recent election because the state of Oregon lists me as a registered voter at that address. You can't take away anybody's right to vote in Oregon because they used to live in California or Washington or anywhere else."

Updated at 10:50 pm: Woolley has posted a lengthy explanation of the thinking behind his complaint(s) along with copies of the complaints here. 

Updated at 6:16 pm on April 19: Multnomah County and the city auditor dismissed Woolley's complaints on April 18