No recent political issue polarized Oregonians more than Measures 66 and 67, the personal and corporate income tax increases voters approved in 2010.

In the Portland mayoral race, the tax measures have been a point of contention between State Rep. Jefferson Smith (D-Portland) and Eileen Brady. In 2009 and 2010, Brady served on the board of the Oregon Business Association, which lobbied hard to make the increases temporary but felt shut out of the final deal that went to voters. Smith worked to help convince voters to support the tax hikes.

In the mayoral campaign, Brady has repeatedly said she "publicly supported" the measures, although she did not officially endorse them, contribute money to their passage or appear in any campaign advertising.

In the clip below from WW's April 12th endorsement interview, Smith and Brady's disagreement over her position on the measures flared into a testy exchange. 

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