Code for America, a buzzy non-profit which hooks technologists up with city governments (or, as the Washington Post called it "the technology world's equivalent of the Peace Corps or Teach for America") is in town, and is hosting a hackathon this Sunday

It all seems a little last minute—I only found out when I saw the organizers putting up a very pretty poster in a cafe yesterday—so there isn't a lot of info out there, but it's tied to the Bus Project's Rebooting Democracy thing, and this is the event description:

Imagine a tool that allows citizens to stay informed about the city issues they care about most.The CfA team will focus on building an app that aggregates all public information—such as hearings, elections, city hall meetings and more—and allows individuals to easily digest and filter that information, and provide input on those topics that interest them. Ideally, the app’s functionality would allow you to: Get alerts about a specific location (like your house, a reoccuring nuisance in your neighborhood, or your neighborhood in general). Get alerts about specific policy outcomes that you care about. Ie. Bicycle policy.Get alerts about policy outcomes tied to a specific location (neighborhood)
Portland has an ass-load of open civic data and two of CfA's fellows will be there, so if enough smart people attend (they're looking for "Civic Hackers, City Reps, Developers, Designers, etc — anyone with the passion to make Portland better" but the key point is: you don't have to be an actual hacker to take part), something cool should be built. Also, there's free lunch. 

Go: Geoloqi, 920 SW 3rd Ave #400. April 22. 10 am-3 pm. Free. Register here.