Well, we told you about Mean Jeans and Serge Severe's 4/20 shows in this week's paper, but it seems we neglected to give those of you with medical marijuana cards a proper round-up of tonight's doobiest shows. So, without further ado, here's an incomplete list of shit that may just blow your mind if you leave the house stoned this evening (be safe, people, and don't smoke in the club). For your convenience, each is rated on a 5-nug scale. (One nug = mostly stems; Five nugs = real sticky shit)

Enjoy your night and if you see us out, say high!

UPDATE 3:20 pm (getting close now!)
I don't know who these damn kids are, but the Gnar Tapes "crew" is playing a super-mellow and smoky show down at a venue called Troubadour Studios (1020 SE Market St.) with Colleen Green (yeah!), White Fang, Orca Team, the Shivas and more. I have been personally assured that this will be the doobiest show in Portland tonight. So long as that "Unkle Funkle" doesn't start waving his dick around, we give this one FIVE NUGS!

The Longwood Soul Review @ Someday Lounge
Skyler Norwood from Point Juncture, WA has a hip-hop group. I mean, come on: That's like a weed sandwich served on a weed bun. Seriously smoky hip-hop with a live band. FIVE NUGS!

Cash'd Out (Johnny Cash Tribute) @ Dante's
Sure, Johnny was a pills man, but doesn't getting stoned and singing "Ring of Fire" sound like a great idea? I'll say. THREE NUGS!

Snow Bud and the Flower People, The Hugs @ Ella Street Lounge
The Hugs are a trippy rock band that was at one point pretty much run out of town for getting wasted and smashing/stealing shit; Snow Bud ONLY writes songs about marijuana. The Ella Street used to be a funeral home. Time to freak out. FIVE NUGS!

Soulmates @ Jimmy Mak's
Stevie Wonder covers and shit. Crazy elaborate guitar solos while making his way through the crowd. THE FUNK. FOUR NUGS!

Garcia Birthday Band @ LaurelThirst
Self-explanatory. ALL THE NUGS!

YOB @ Mississippi Studios
For those of you who like to get blasted when you're blasted. FIVE NUGS!

Lloyd Allen @ Halibuts [ALL AGES!]
Lloyd is likely my favorite performer in Portland. Sweaty, well-dressed blues with Howling Wolf grit and Otis Redding feeling. Sweet on any occasion, but even better when you are completely toasted. Besides, there's fish and chips... FOUR NUGS!

Regular Music @ Rotture
It's a prog rock outfit with E*Rock, Copy and Charlie from Panther. Super stony, I tell you. FOUR NUGS!

Midnite @ Wonder Ballroom
Jah and shit. TOO MANY NUGS!

Eve 6 @ Hawthorne Theater [ALL AGES!]
Mostly for laughs. TWO NUGS!