The project: Sandpeople Euro/US Tour

Who's behind the project? Portland's own underground hip-hop collective Sandpeople, of course. 

Why do they want your money? The 10-person strong crew wants to book a tour that will take them through Europe (confirmed so far are Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Amsterdam, Czech Republic, Austria, and Norway) and the U.S. As you might imagine, that isn't something you can do on the cheap, so they need fundage to pay for airfare and expenses to bring the good word to the people. 

What are they offering in return? The folks with not much cash to burn will receive a postcard from the crew as they travel or an exclusive Sandpeople track. Folks with a little more scratch can pick up a limited edition Sandpeople toy or a letterman's jacket. The folks with the long green can get a guest appearance by members of Sandpeople on their own track or a "scratch hook from DJ Spark" or a shout out on all promotional materials for the tour that proclaims that you are one of the sponsors. 

How much are they asking for? $7,500

Will they be fully funded? It's only a matter of time. As of this writing they are just over $6,200 with the rest of the week ahead of them. They just need that one final push to boost them towards their goal. 

Our final assessment: I quote the website for part of the whole Keep Portland Weird/French music festival weirdness: "Portland can't really be said to be a breeding ground for hip-hop..." Bullshit like that is the reason that our city's thriving hip-hop community needs to start getting the attention it so richly deserves. While it's great to have Slimkid3 and Lifesavas overseas paving the way, groups like Sandpeople need to prove that naysaying copywriter wrong and get the respect they so richly deserve. Any small move in that direction like getting these crazy kids over to Europe to tear up the stages of the mainland is a good one. Provided of course they don't get entirely waylaid in Amsterdam.