Mayoral candidate Eileen Brady has now officially eclipsed the $1 million mark in fundraising for the May primary, state filings show.

That's a big number for any city race and particularly impressive considering Brady is a first-time candidate. Her opponents, former City Commissioner Charlie Hales and State Rep. Jefferson Smith (D-Portland) have raised $569,000 and $451,000 respectively, since the race began.

With ballots going in the mail tomorrow, the more important number may be cash on hand. As of Thursday morning, Hales has $187,000; Smith $145,000; and Brady, $59,000.

There are a number of caveats to those numbers: First, Brady went up on television first and has produced more ads than her opponents. Given her fundraising prowess and her wealth, she also has the capacity to refill her coffers quickly. Second, the candidates are in a seven-day reporting period right now, which means that candidates' television advertising buys may not be fully reflected in their cash balances.  

Finally, the Portland Metro Firefighters Association Political Action Committee today reported giving Smith $15,000, his largest contribution to date. Although Smith lags Brady and Hales in dollars raised, his winning endorsements from AFSCME, the Portland Association of Teachers and the fire and police unions could be a wildcard in the elections waning days. If those groups mobilize their members to canvass and phone-bank for Smith, such an effort could negate the other candidates' fundraising edge and help Smith move up from what polls have shown to be a third-place standing.

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