What do they want? Money for schools! When do they want it? Tomorrow!

The new group Underfunded Parents, Students, and Educators Together (UPSET), which is bringing a lot of energy to the latest chapter of Oregon's long-running school funding saga, will march across Portland on Friday.

Here's the lowdown on the action, which will likely attract many of the candidates on Tuesday's primary ballot:

This Friday afternoon, more than a thousand students, parents, teachers, and other community members will hold a march and rally in Portland to demand an end to ongoing school budget cuts.

The march will begin at the Rose Quarter and end at Pioneer Courthouse Square, where a rally will take place featuring performers and rousing speeches by students, parents, and teachers affected by years of slashed budgets.

When: Friday, May 11

March begins at 3:30, Rally at 4:15

Where: March from the Rose Quarter to Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland

Who: UPSET—Underfunded Parents, Students, and Educators Together

Why: To demand an end to years and years of school budget cuts that have led to overcrowded classrooms, school closures, and fewer opportunities for Oregon K-12 students. The basic message: No More Cuts, No More Excuses!